About us

About Us

The Areas

Greece: manufacturing, sales and marketing of its own branded generic pharmaceutical products
Europe: product development and out-licensing of its product dossiers, research & development, regulatory affairs and intellectual property
Worldwide: sales and distribution of own branded generic pharmaceutical products

The Facilities

The company has three dedicated state-of-the-art production facilities located in Athens (Greece), designed in accordance with EU cGMP requirements:

  1. Oncology Sterile Liquid Dosage Forms (inaugurated in 2006)
  2. Oncology Oral Solid Dosage Forms (inaugurated in 2007)
  3. Conventional Solid (renovated in 2005)

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Department monitors and assures each and every procedure, from the purchasing of raw materials to the release of the final product on the market. To ensure the quality of its products and services Genepharm has invested in a series of processes that are the cornerstone of the company’s success in the Greek and foreign markets.

Furthermore, we ensure that specifications and regulations dictated by national and international legislation are rigorously applied at every level, following pharma industry GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO 9001/2008 standards.

Quality Control

The quality of the products the company produces is also guaranteed by our employees’ level of scientific training and our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment; the two combined, ensure that our pharmaceuticals are constantly monitored and checked during production and have the quality required for their specified use. Our Quality Control Department controls the production running all necessary checks at every stage, from raw materials to final product, as prescribed by European GMPs, The National Organization for Medicines as well as EMEA & ICH.


Having secured agreements for its products with the leading generic companies in Europe and around the world, Genepharm is focused on forging strong and long-lasting relationships with its partners. Genepharm plans on delivering several new generic products per year to its customers. “Generic plus” products will be key to our success in the future and our aim is to be the supplier chosen for their quality generic products. Contract manufacturing is also a key component in Genepharm’s growth strategy.